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Ron Laham

Emmanuel Strength and Conditioning

Address Line 1: 400 The Fenway
Address Line 2:
City: Boston
State: MA
Zip: 02115

Program(s): Athletic Training - Exercise Science

Industry: Sports

Class Levels
Sophomore: Y
Junior: Y
Senior: Y
Graduate: Y
Most recent intern's responsibilities
Maintain cleanliness of the gym, aid athletes in completing the workout programs.
Explain the workout for the team then through the lift instruct athletes who need help. At the end of each lift put equipment in the correct spot.
-I will adhere to the rules and policies of the employer, report to work on time and execute projects on time -I will cooperate properly with the field sponsor, discuss problems or changes that may arise -I will submit my progress reports to the internship coordinator and alert the coordinator of any problems or changes that may arise