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Address Line 1: 160 Great Rd.
Address Line 2:
City: Bedford
State: MA
Zip: 01730

Program(s): Communication - Fashion and Retail Merchandising - Management - Non Matriculated

Industry: Fashion

Class Levels
Sophomore: Y
Junior: Y
Senior: Y
Graduate: Y
Most recent intern's responsibilities
-Push Stock out of the stock room and merchandise them properly. -Help out other associates on the sales floor, help on the registers, and provide excellent customer service. -Make sure the sales floor is clean and organized, especially when it gets busy.
Operations Assistant Store Manager Training Program Overview of Training Program: Your store manager should discuss how the Training will be divided up so that you can learn the Objectives and conduct the Learning Reviews. You will need to have time to review, observe, and demonstrate the operational duties required in your new position. Overview of Duties & Responsibilities: The objectives of this program will provide you with a learning opportunity in the areas in which an Operations Assistant Store Manager is responsible. All Store Management Job Description are listed in this guide under section 6.3. Training Objectives: In order to learn your new duties you will need to complete all of the Objectives included in this program. Human Resources - Manpower planning Training and Development Staffing and Scheduling Associate Record Maintenance Associate Performance Assessments Cash Office - Cash office/Administration Management Loss Prevention - Operational Controls and Action Planning Loss Control audits Shrink Meeting Service Areas - Front Line/Service Desk Layaway Backroom - Backroom Overview Backroom Layout and Organization Receiving Merchandise Processing Merchandise Store Operations - Supplies/Vendor Relations Housekeeping and Maintenance Safety Size Audits Learning Review: At the end of most Objective topics you will find a Learning Review. The Learning Review Questions give you an opportunity to validate your knowledge in each training area and practice what you have learned.
Manager Responsibilities