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Providence Bruins

Address Line 1: 1 Lasalle Square
Address Line 2:
City: Providence
State: RI
Zip: 02903

Program(s): Communication - Management - Sport Management

Industry: Sports

Class Levels
Sophomore: Y
Junior: Y
Senior: Y
Graduate: Y
Most recent intern's responsibilities
-Provide customer service and implement customer relations programs both on and off site -Assisted with marketing and promotional campaigns for both the ticket sales department and sponsorship sales department -Implement promotions and events both on and off site
Assist with game day operations Research clients to bring in Gather hats and organize to make neat and easy
As a “Youth Hockey/Game Day Intern” for the Providence Bruins, I have many responsibilities. I assist in coordinating youth hockey teams pre-and-post game. I also communicate with teams, parents and other Bruins staff members to effectively coordinate youth teams on game-days. In addition, I must be prepared to help the ticketing department with Customer Service issues as they arise, including directing any questions, problems and concerns to the appropriate Bruins staff member. Finally, I work with the Sales staff to assist sponsors on the concourse and work with the Sales/Marketing Department with promotions during Bruins game.